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Default Hi,

Can you be a little more specific about the problem? If you mean the hint contradicts the clue, then you have 2 possibilities. Either the hint and clue are inconsistent or the clue is being misread or misinterpreted. I have been really stuck before when the clues are deceptive. Sometimes the clue will be about 9:00 am when the table contains both 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. Sometimes there will be peppermint gum and peppermint tea or candles. Whatever you do, don't request a hint as that will cause an unfinished puzzle and blow your 100% rating. For what it's worth, I've mostly found bugs as repeated clues such as A precedes B and B follows A. If you come across one, figure out the solution first before reporting the bug. Do this even if you have to resort to educated guessing. If you really found an inconsistent clue and hint situation, try to document it and report it to the administration. However, when I got credited with an incomplete puzzle through a glitch in the software, I was unable to get my 100% rating back even though I explained in detail where the bug in the programming was that caused the problem. Whatever you do, NEVER try to go back to a puzzle via the go back one page button as that can cause the glitch. I've found a bug before where I didn't copy the page to report the bug. In that case, I just let it go rather than screw up my 100% rating.

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