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Default Average time

The average time must be for solved puzzles as the unsolved times would time out at 24 hours, which would warp the averages. Plus, many puzzles have only 50-60% solve stats. All the other 40-50% of puzzles would have 24 hour times, thus further warping the average. Most of the really fast times are probably some form of pattern recognition. I daily solve some 5X5 puzzles under 100 seconds and get scores of 500 or higher from recognizing patterns. Unfortunately, it takes some of the fun out of solving. However, there are enough that I solve without pattern recognition to keep it interesting. I usually score from 420 to 460 on those. Considering that I only started solving logic puzzles late last year on this website, your times should improve on a somewhat regular basis. Sometimes you will plateau for awhile before seeing improvement. When I started these puzzles, I never thought I would get as good as I've gotten this quickly. Also, the real competition is with yourself. So, don't worry about competing with others for awhile until you improve enough to compete. Lastly, there are always a few that catch you off guard and take longer to solve, thus causing some scores in the 300 range.

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