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Default Is it even possible?

I've just finished reading this post from start to finish. Is it even possible to write a program that can solve a puzzle automatically. If so, then these speeds make sense as computers are fast enough. However, I can't believe many people can write or even know how to write code for this purpose. As far as using a spreadsheet to solve them, I wondered if one could do so when I learned how to solve these puzzles on this site. However, even if you created a spreadsheet that could do it, it would still require time to input data from the clues to allow the spreadsheet to work, thus defeating the intent. When I considered a spreadsheet, I thought of it as an intellectual challenge to myself, not as a way to get a leg up in competition. I have found that my times and depth of understanding has dramatically improved as I do more puzzles. I also don't understand someone being perturbed about fast times as there will always be someone better out there and I do these puzzles for myself, not to impress anyone else. I guess that's just me however.
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