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Answer #1: no, that is a bad idea because then you most likly get it wrong and you have to restart the puzzle. Answer #2: look for 4 x's in a row and then mark the last non filled box with a O. Also you need to bring info from one side to the other.
Originally Posted by pcuser View Post
Hi all,
I'm fairly new to this. However, I'm improving. My questions are as follows:

Assume that you extract all possible info from the clues and completely use the grid to generate all possible data, then recheck any logical clues to find more data, etc.

1. Should you ever get to a point where you can only proceed by randomly choosing 1 of 2 possibilities for a given argument and playing it out to a successful conclusion or a logical contradiction and then going back to the other possibility to complete the puzzle?

2. If the answer to the first question is no, does that mean that I missed something in the clues and grid manipulations, and if so, what might be some subtle errors one might expect to see?

Thanks for any help with this
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