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Default where did I go wrong?

second Ruben curling
fourth Emma hockey
fifth Stephen football
seventh Dante bowling
tenth Cindy baseball

Stephen is farther down the line than Emma.
- stephen is 5th, Emma is 4th
The curling star is closer to the front of the line than Cindy.
- Curling is second, Cindy is tenth
Either the football star or the hockey star is Stephen.
- the football star is Stephen
Of the hockey star and Cindy, one is second is line and the other set as their homepage.
- the hockey star is second and Cindy has Yahoo
The one who is fifth in line is not the baseball star.
- Stephen is fifth and is football.
The web surfer who set their homepage to is closer to the front of the line than the bowling star.
- Cnn is fourth and Bowling is seventh.
The 5 people were the one who is fifth in line, the hockey star, the web surfer who set their homepage to, Ruben, and the one who is tenth in line.
- Fifth (Stephen), Hockey (Emma), Aol (Dante), Ruben, 10th (Cindy)
The one who is second in line set as their homepage.
- Ruben is second and has weather.
The bowling star is not Cindy.
- bowling star is Dante
The football star never visits
- football star likes facebook.
The one who is seventh in line is Dante.
- Dante is seventh.

Where did I go wrong ?
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