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Finally, I tried your fourth example, and I got a result that was very close to yours. I was missing a few Xs shown in your grid, but the rest was the same.

I guessed that Music Ally was on Sunday, and I got the following:

0 - Saturday - Komedie Kiev - Gibson
2 - Friday - Old Siam - Burdette
4 - Thursday - Aunt Agony - Grand
6 - Wednesday - Two Towers - Roxie
8 - Sunday - Music Ally - Porter

This seemed consistent with the clues.

Just like the other examples, this one was just one X away from a solution.

In this case, there were several places where a single X led to the solution shown above. That was surprising given all the open spaces in the partial solution.

I didn't look for another solution. The missing piece of logic is probably the key to ensuring a solution without guessing AND uniqueness.

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