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You can think of the list of "all 5" as one more category in the grid (though you'd have to track it separately on your own piece of paper, etc.). For example, if the clue were "the five people are Bill, Sally, the person with a pet cat, the person with a pet dog, and the person who likes the color blue" (given a puzzle comparing name, pet, and favorite color), you could make a pseudo grid with "person 1" is Bill, "person 2" is Sally, "person 3" is cat, etc. Then any negative associations applying to Bill, Sally, cat, dog, and blue could carry over to their "person X" association. Hence you might arrive at something like: Person 3 cannot be Bill (Person 1 is) or Sally (Person 2 is), nor Bruce or Sue (neither can have a pet cat, and Person 3 does), so Person 3 must be Judy (last choice).
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