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I think warps signature file says how to feel about 'competitive' mode.... don't care.
I just epically failed. Not just normal failed, I set the record in the wrong way. lol, I was trying to 'cheat' my way with the correction thing and it backfired big time. Who cares? I just said I did terrible and no one is going to check it except me cause no one cares about it except me. Anyone quicker will have the knowledge because they've been where you are now at one time. Lower scores are freaking great to have in your history because it keeps your current lifetime average just slightly lower than what your current average is. So by competing against yourself, you'll beat it more than half the time.
Essentially what I'm saying is that in a month, you'll be competing against your current scores now. If you fail miserably now; you'll be able to win against yourself later. It's kinda like saying, "I am sooo going to kick my butt with a crappy score like that."
yep, pretzel logic here hope it makes sense.
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