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Default stats reset

I don't play with any kind of consistency but I couldn't find my stats so I'm guessing that everyone had to remake accts when a new system got put in place.
lol, I was very proud of the pixels that had made up an image of a trophy cause there's no way I could compete with the players today. It doesn't matter considering that the new interface with choosing difficulty and type is amazing.
One more question since I haven't played in a while, wasn't there always a person Laura or something in the top bunch of people? like someone sitting behind a piano was the picture. There's also another picture of some fuzzy bear or something that I didn't see. Always nice to see women doing logic stuff (not that women are illogical :/) just stats probably indicate male minds lean more that way and women own the 'feely' type of personality. I'm intp so if I offended anyone; it was not my intention and I apologize. hrm, rx something .... odd but I think that was fuzzy bears name. Oh dear, now I either admit I used to secretly root for them to do well or look like a stalker thing. I'm quitting typing now. bye
I used to cheer for others to do well. Ok, now done again.

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