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Default Open message to Zenobia43

I am simply amazed at your skill in this game. Not only are you capable of solving the 4x7 games in the blink of an eye, but you clearly have an incredible amount of stamina as well: according to the statistics you have been playing just over 4.5 hours per day every day this month.

My question is how do you do it? Are you capable of memorizing the clues after a first read so that you don't need to waste time reading them again? Also, how do you avoid eye strain and mental fatigue from playing that much as it appears that you've not had a single misstep based on your times? I must admit that after two hours of playing I have to get up and move around as my brain and eyes simply hit a brick wall.

If you could give me some pointers that would be great. Thus far I've not been stumped by any of the challenging 4x7 puzzles (two of them got away from me when I became really busy at work and had to take a hiatus), but the best time that I've been able to muster is 307 seconds. Even then I felt like I was clicking a square at every moment.
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