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"!Guess or guess!" Makes me think that they have no idea what they are even doing in these puzzles so they're saying they either guessed or guessed. That's just my educated guess... You don't have to take my answer, but I spent a while sitting here and that's what popped into my head. "1 wrong/1 right" Could either mean they went for a 1:1 ratio or they couldn't figure it out after their first one right. Again... Just an educated guess. If it is annoying you, since I am new here, I will have to recommend that you check the setting for disabling view of other people's comments, or, if it is yours... Block comments on your puzzle. I don't know if you can do either of those, but that is what happens on many forums so I think it might be the same here. I love puzzles, I don't wanna have to pay for them so I came here. You're welcome in advance if this helped, if this didn't, then I am all out of guesses. I personally think that people shouldn't comment if they are going to be so abstract about it... It's a puzzle site to complete posted puzzles, not to post comments and confuse everyone. Anyways, I appreciate any comments I get anywhere, at least they took their time to say a magical something... (If it is productive) If it's not productive, I ignore them, but not everyone can and I understand. Just don't respond to them if they annoyed you. It's the internet. You have a magical power called "block" on most sites. My time on the most recent one was about 10 minutes and 38 seconds. May everyone be well, peaceful and happy.
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