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Honestly I would prefer the scoring and ranking
of the two different sizes be separated. A 4x4 high score, success rate etc,
A 5x5 high score, success rate, and Then maybe a Combined/Total High
score etc. This way you can see how you are doing for each type.
You would also only be competing against those doing a 4x4 or 5x5 in the
monthly competition. It might make people feel better or score better.

I think there should be a bonus for completing puzzles to reward those
who do all the puzzles. not just selected ones...

I see high totals yet many have completion percentages under 90%.
15th place 252/377 66.84% 282.5 sec. 366.0 pts. 92237

How are they scoring so high when those of us completing all might
not be. They are getting benefits for not completing and those of us do, will continue and get low scores get low ranking ..

Thanks again for all your hard work
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