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Well this may not be a bug so much as an "undocumented feature," but when I was playing a game earlier I ended up with a wrong answer so after trying to figure out where I had messed up and failing I decided to just write down the answers I knew were right in the "Notes" section and then I clicked the "Clear the Logic Grid" button, planning to fill in the right answers from my notes and start fresh on the ones that might have been wrong. Well it turns out that not only does the "Clear the Logic Grid" button clear the logic grid but it also deletes all of my notes. Of course I couldn't remember any of what I had written down so I just quit.

So I guess the suggestion or question would be is this the desired function of the "Clear the Logic Grid" button, and if so you should probably warn the user of that when you are asking them to confirm their decision to clear the logic grid.

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