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Originally Posted by Alethea View Post
Yes, and I have no problem with "their" in those cases. It's just when the gender is already specified (like in the example I gave above) that it sounds bad.
It has to do with how the puzzles and clues are set up, as they're not related to the specific names (which could be randomized). The only puzzles that say "his" or "her" are ones where they are all the same gender. So in the mixed ones it has to be "their" because they need to say the same thing for all of them.
..I just tried typing out an explanation but it was getting complicated. Basically the computer doesn't know if the name is male or female and just uses the given pronoun "their" unless the given one is "her" because someone entered all female names and chose that pronoun to be the option.

If uh, that makes sense.
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