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Default maybe zenobia43 can explain?

I have now played 819 puzzles. Most of them since Dec last year. I did maybe 30 a few years ago, where incidentally Zenobia43 helped me with some difficult ones. What I find awesome is the record times for a 4x5 challenge type puzzle. I mean I see the record time every time I complete a puzzle. I actually timed myself with a stopwatch on my desktop and it takes me on average 4-5 minutes just to read the clues and put in the appropriate x's and if I'm lucky a few O's too. This is how long it takes me if I am not disturbed by my wife or my grandson coming in and talking to me. Everyone knows here that after a first stage of reading the clues and marking off the appropriate boxes we have to go through again checking what has changed in relation to the first time going through it all. There are usually a few more X's to put in the boxes and if we are lucky a positive. The positive usually gives us a few more X's and so on. I find usually but not always there is a point at which I struggle to find another X somewhere, and when I do the puzzle is usually solved. OK? My question is, how can the TOP SOLVERS do this time and time again so quickly? I mean I have noticed record holders to these 4x5's challenge difficulty in 2 minutes and a few seconds. Have you guys and gals at the top got photographic memories? I HAVE to write on paper the lesser/greater clues and the A or B is either C or D type and the A is either B or C type. That all takes time. The fastest solvers obviously don't have to write anything on paper with a pen if they did they would NEVER do the puzzle in the record times that they do. Anyone care to enlighten some of us in the dark?

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