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At first, it might seem that the clue is incorrect. However, when you include the information from Clue 4, it will make more sense.

Clue 4: Frances = riesling

Clue 1: riesling is one more than sea bass. Using the notation the Baron showed us ..

sea bass -> riesling

and adding the fact that Frances = riesling ...

sea bass -> riesling, Frances

Clue 8: port is one less than Yolanda.

port -> Yolanda

Now put the two notations together and look for common elements or elements in the same category.

sea bass -> riesling, Frances
port -> Yolanda

Notice that Frances and Yolanda are on the same side of the relations, and they are in the same category. We know that Frances and Yolanda cannot be in the same row, and since they are both exactly one step away from sea bass and port, it follows that sea bass and port cannot be in the same row either.

In your grid, that leaves only one choice left for port. That should move things along.

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