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Default Non-grid solving techniques

Another point with respect to using the term "grid" is that there are other options for working out solutions depending on the logic puzzle. They aren't as easy for some people, and probably aren't as easy to write computer code for, so the grid format seems to have become the most common. I remember these from puzzle magazines in the 70s or 80s such as Games.

Solving one style works similar to using only the top row of the grid, but instead of marking X and O, possible solutions are written in, then eliminated. (It looks very much like the blank answer page.)

Another style used a series of images with one line for each category below it, such as five houses (with house numbers on them). One of the logical relationships was neighbors, so if we knew someone had two neighbors, they couldn't be in an end house.

Some puzzles came with more than one solution option on the page.

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