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Default Is the word "grid" being used in a way I'm not familiar with?

I decided to create an account and try a puzzle, and I selected "4x4 grid" as the difficulty option. I've solved the freaking EINSTEIN logic puzzle, okay, and I was completely flummoxed by what came up. Furthermore, the puzzle was not a 4x4 grid. It was SIX of them--a semantical faux pas that I found extremely jarring. The system of interlinked grids also caused me to find the puzzle ridiculously difficult as I had severe trouble keeping mental track of how one logical elimination led to the next. Clearly, I've had no inkling of how logic puzzles truly work at this point, despite solving the Einstein puzzle. Could someone explain just what is going on here to me? Particularly the (what I view as) grossly improper use of the word "grid" in describing the puzzles
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