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No you are not alone wondering how this can happen. There are a at least 3
"cheaters" and I think any scores under 120 sec should be questioned and thrown
out totally. This one below should not even be credited
33 seconds (Dreamscape)

I still can't see how someone can finish a 5X5 in less than 2 minutes (120) anything
under 160 seconds is debateable to me on how they can read and answer clues.
Which was why I asked when the timer clock is actually activated and requested a
a clock be added to the puzzle so I could see how long it was taking me.

Another thing was to add to the puzzle completion statistics the number of
plays which were use to compute the average times, the success rate , max points
possible and average points. Just to see how many actually did that puzzle

I love the game and am very glad it is available
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