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Default another strange hint

Can anyone help explain this one. A 4x5 challenge type.

1.*The ring made of platinum cost more than the ring with the topaz.
2.*Jacquelyn's piece is either the piece made of 18k gold or the ring with the sapphire.
3.*Opal's piece doesn't have the topaz.
4.*Neither the piece that cost $1100 nor the piece made of silver is Felicia's piece.
5.*Jacquelyn's ring doesn't have the amethyst.
6.*The piece with the ruby cost 200 dollars more than the ring with the topaz.
7.*Of Felicia's ring and Natasha's piece, one is made of platinum and the other has the ruby.
8.*The ring made of 18k gold cost 200 dollars more than the ring with the diamond.
9.*The ring made of silver cost 200 dollars less than the ring made of 14k gold.
10.*The piece made of 14k gold has the sapphire.

HINT:*There are multiple greater/lesser than clues that place topaz and silver both at the same exact step distance from two different items in the same category. This means topaz cannot be equal to silver. Mark the highlighted cell as FALSE.

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