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Originally Posted by sadiagardezis View Post
stanstar as uigrad has explained some clues the puzzle becomes easier.hesperia can only be 12.5 or 18.5 hence it can't be in 1956 or for 1944 and 1948 it can't be velma because she is not from she is in 1952. mabel hit sometime after tomales she cannot be before 1956.according to your grid you have established the only two possible cities that can be in 1944 and can cross out the rest of the cities from there.this really does save time even if you dont know the exact year of respective there can only be two storms in the upper two years and one of them is freda you can cancel out all other names of storms that cannot be in tomales from upper two rows.likewise with years or whatever puzzle that you are doing.i hope that i was able to get my point across i am not very good at explaining.
Many thanks Sagiagardezis for your instruction. I followed it through and got some positives and a number of negatives more than I had originally.


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