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Default Difficult Logic Puzzle - Need Help

Long ago, on a quite summer night Bilbo and Frodo met Merry and Pippin in the Green Dragon for dinner. Not long after they sit down Bilbo starts to tell stories from his travel beyond the Shire. He talks about giant trolls that wanted to roast him as Rosie Cotton and Sam Wise Gamgee join them. Rosie thinks the stores all just Bilbo’s fantasy. They all order drinks and Bilbo continues his tales until late that night.

In the end they drank 1 pitcher, 4 Bottles, 5 pints, 6 humpens, and 8 tankards and 9 mugs. To pay their tap they needed to find out who drank what.

1. The “lager” beer was served in and drank from a “pitcher”.
2. “Sam” is always cautious in public and knows that he needs to pay $40.
3. The stout beer was neither served to the hobbit that had to pay $55 nor the one who drunk from the “tankards”.
4. Bilbo had to pay more than Pippin and less than the hobbit who drunk the hefeweizen.
5. Neither the hobbit who drunk from the “tankard” nor the hobbit who had to pay $50 was the one who drank the “Dark Ale”.
6. The six hobbits were “Pippin”, the one who drunk the pints and ones who drunk “Dark Ale”, “Pilsner”, “lager” and Hefeweizen”.
7. Everybody knew “Merry” loves “Pilsner”.
8. The hobbit who drunk from the “ tankards” paid 5 dollars more than the hobbit who drunk from the “bottle”.
9. By the time they had to pay, Frodo was still not finished with his larger.
10. “Merry” paid 10 dollars more than “Frodo”.
11. The customer who paid $40 was either “Sam” or the customer who drunk the “mugs”
12. The hobbit drinking porter did not drink form mugs or bottles, and was not Rosie.
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