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At first I had trouble believing the scores. Then I began working on 3x4 and 3x5 (easy) puzzles until I got a top score on them. Since they're short, I could do a lot of them quickly.

Eventually, I got to 4x4s (easy), and did probably about a hundred before I could get a high score on one, but I eventually did. Now, every time I start one, I probably have a 10-20% chance of getting the high score on those.

I went to 4x5s (easy), and have now managed to get a high score on 3 of them. Back when I started with 4x4s, I couldn't really do the 4x5s in less than 8 minutes, but I just did one yesterday in 91 seconds.

I still am hopeless on 4x6s and 4x7s, because I just cannot remember enough clues to do them quickly. But the only way to get better is doing a lot of puzzles, and likewise the only way to get on the top of the charts is by doing a lot of puzzles. So, I guess one goal contributes to the other.

I feel the best way to track progress is looking at your score vs. the time you spent on the puzzle. When I first started, this ratio was best for me when doing 3x4 easies. Usually my ratio was around .5 (eg 100 seconds spent, score 50 points), but occasionally it would be over 1. I recorded the very first time my ratio was over 1. I completed a 3x4 in 69 seconds, giving me a score of 73! I tried other sizes of puzzles, but my ratios were always much lower.

Looking at the people at the top of the charts, so players maintain a 3:1 ratio. My goal was to get a 2:1 ratio just once. Well, I did it. Eventually I got a 3:1 ratio. Then just this week, I got a 4.5:1 ratio (4x5 puzzle completed in 91 seconds for 410 points). It just takes a lot of patience.

Since no one answered my previous question about the max points for each size, I've begun compiling them:

3x4: 80 pts
3x5: 180 pts
4x4: 290 pts
4x5: 410 pts
4x6: 760 pts (thanks zenobia43)
4x7: 983 pts (thanks zenobia43)

It looks to me that the points for a top score is the same, regardless of difficulty, just as the others had noticed. So, sticking with easy puzzles tends to give the best scores.

I don't believe that membership helps with getting good scores at all. But if you like the site and want it to continue, then it's definitely worth contributing.

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