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Originally Posted by Alethea View Post
Some of the times truly are impressive! One thing that can shave off several minutes is to attempt to only work in the top section of squares (the first row of blocks across the top - you know, the ones that must be filled before your solution can be submitted). It's easier to do this with some puzzles than with others, but it can really shorten your time!
Hi Alethia, how can that be done? Because some clues are given that have to be x'd out below that top grid? I have had some puzzles that ONLY have clues which can be x'd out below the top grid. If you can give an example of doing what you say I would be pleased to see it myself.

I always have to write the clues down on paper which are the Toby bought the hat 1 day before Sam bought his item. Also I write down the Of A and B one is C and the other is D kind. I even write down the clues like: Tony is either London or the Blue hat.
It looks obvious that the record solvers don't write anything down. How that can be done I know not. Maybe the record holders can clarify this for the slower solvers?

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