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Default I'm improving

Well ever so slowly. I have yet to get into an average time. It looks far off mind you, considering the amount of talented people here. Incidentally, this must be the world championship site of Logic Problems. Wouldn't the Admins agree? Wouldn't the members here agree? I must thank the Admins for the standard of explanation of the hints.That must be an excellent programmer who did the work. I have just finished two puzzles and cannot still believe the record times. Niki had another one in a really rediculous time of 3 minutes. It took me 5minutes to run down the clues and mark of a first time lot of x's and maybe the odd positive clue. It took me another hour to complete. Ridiculous. Do the really super fast players have very high IQ's? Do they play other games like chess, bridge etc? I think they could get a great job with either the intellence agencies or at least the police. What say you?


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