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Default uigrad

I wish you luck. Let us know how you are getting on ok?

I timed myself on a challenge 4x5 and I took 30 minutes. It took me 5 minutes to read the clues and fill the grid with X's. Xisa completed the entire puzzle in 2 minutes 17 secs. I am amazed that in half the time I took to read and enter the clues on the grid Xisa had finished completely. That seems impossible. I did the same thing with the next puzzle and it took me
41 mins and about 5 minutes to read & enter the first round of x's Niki finished the entire puzzle in 3mins 9 secs. Also incredible. I am still struggling to beat my record of 16 minutes.


EDIT I just beat my record for a challenge 4x5 @ 14.73 minutes

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