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Default are you all having fun?


I just beat my record for a 4x5 challenge type. 16 minutes! Forget my stats. I sometimes leave the puter and go out and finish the puzzle when I return. Usually I have been taking about 30 minutes but sometimes with a really hard one an hour. Other times when I am stuck I resign from the puzzle and take a hint and out of curiosity to see what the record is I finish it with the help of hints to be quicker. Please post a reply to this thread for amusing anecdotes. After all this is a VERY FUN place to be in these difficult times we live in.

I am wondering if any of the younger members here play this site on their phones? That in my mind would be awesome. I am betting there are some mobile phone players even setting records. Maybe that is what I see some young people doing crossing a busy street, instead of watching the traffic.


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