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While I would figuratively kill for a pause button, there would be nothing to keep people from abusing it. It drives me crazy to be a couple clues away from completing a puzzle and then get interrupted only to come back 30 minutes later to finish. It would be nice to make it onto the score board once in a while, but then I suppose those who are already in the top ten would would be that much harder to catch up to as some would likely abuse it for their own sense of self worth rather than use it in the true sense of competition. But that's just the bitter old man in me speaking.

As an aside, has anyone found that their scores are much lower ( not being able to pause aside ) since the change in the game? Time was that I could routinely complete a 5X4 puzzle within 100 second of the fasted time. Now I am lucky to do one in less that a thousand seconds. Are the clues a little more obscure, or am I going brain dead?
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