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Default Help needed here again Zenobia43

I had one tonight. 6. The bird bought in May is either the bird purchased in Aurora or the finch.

The hint was. CLUE #6: If May is either Aurora or finch, and finch does not equal a different item in the same category as Aurora (in this case, Yetter), then May cannot equal Yetter. Mark the highlighted cell as FALSE.

I don't get the logic at all. I am sorry. Say MAY = AURORA and not FINCH.
Why should MAY be unequal to Yetter just because another item (Finch) is negative to it?

Finch maybe totally unrelated to MAY so why should anything to do with Finch affect MAY at all?
I am not arguing with the logic here I am trying to understand it. Obviously all the hints I have came across do help enormously in solving the puzzle.

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