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Default A Tip from a beginner

I am no expert here, but last year I was instructed by zenobia43 who gave me a great tip in helping to solve a puzzle where I came to a blank with apparently no solution.
It goes like this: You all know the type of clue where it says something like “Of the A and the B one is C and the other is D” Ok? What you now do is this.

If A is one of 5 People and their name is Wendy, you write down on paper the other 4 names of people. They might be John, James, Eric and Bob.

You then ask the question “Does John =B” look at the grid and if the answer is maybe or yes, then tick beside John. If John = X negative then put a X beside John. Then go down the list and tick or X beside their names. Then only the names with an X compare with C and D on the grid. Put an X on the appropriate box.

When you have done this with all the peoples names and checked the grid, go and do the same with B. B is one of 5 colors say. B is Blue. Mark down all the other colours except Blue.
Now compare Pink, Red, Green and Yellow with A. If there are ticks meaning positive or empty boxes then that is a yes or a maybe so put a tick against the name and if there is a X then put a X beside the colour. Then the colours with a X next to them compare the grid with C and D and do the same mark X where they align.

Next do the same with C where C perhaps is Wednesday. List the other 4 days Mon, Tues, Thurs, Frid. Compare these with D and do the same as above and then mark X beside them and look at grid and mark of X in alignment with A & B this time. Do the same with D.

Sometimes you can get quite a number of X's which usually helps to finish your solution. You need more than this with the really challenging ones.

I hope this is understandable.

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