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Default grid and clues not displayed on same frame

Originally Posted by admin View Post
Hi Whit2k -

It was decided, after much deliberation, that making clues available for our logic puzzles was just making them far too easy to solve - so we got rid of them in order to make the site a bit more challenging.

(Sorry, bad joke.)

The clues will always be shown to the right of the grid, in the area marked in pink in the screenshot below. If you don't see the clues there, you may have accidentally activated the "Notes" or "Answers" tab in the top of that pink area - just click on the "Clues" tab to reveal them again.

Attachment 109

If you're still not seeing clues in that area, please email a screenshot of what you're seeing to and I'll investigate further - be sure to include your operating system and browser version as well.

you asked me to send you a screen shot of the grid and clues not showing on same frame when I complained about this earlier. Well here is your own screen shot in the above answer that clearly shows what I am saying. Please advise that you have rearranged spacing to permit seeing grid and clues on same screen. Thank you
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