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Default Continuing a Recent Game

Sometimes I am called away from a puzzle suddenly, and while I understand the reasoning behind not having a pause button, I had hoped that by saving my progress and then exiting to the home page, I'd not only be able to pick up where I left off but also not be penalized for the time I was interrupted.

Unfortunately, those puzzles I've returned to are counting the seconds while I am away. My solving time has been recorded as more than 20,000 seconds a few times, even though the actual time I spent solving them was less than a tenth of that.

Without a pause button or a reflection of actual time spent solving the puzzle, my stats are in danger of being pretty skewed. If I try to solve the issue of inaccurate time stats by simply never going back to that puzzle, my solve rates then take a hit.

My favourite solution would be to have life never get in the way of my playing these puzzles! But since that's hardly likely to happen...
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