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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Ah, the debug came back with some new data that showed where the problem was. I think it should be sorted now. (At least I'm assuming it is - I'm no longer receiving email reports showing a failure at that node.)

Thanks for helping to track that one down!
I got the "incorrect puzzle identifier" again after finishing puzzle # 83913. Unfortunately, I again didn't do a "Save Progress" before submitting, so had to start over after retrieving it from "Recent Games.

Earlier I was playing game 82422 and must have marked something wrong as I got stuck, so did a "Start Over". I started filling in from the first clue again, when I remembered that this puzzle had a "The five things were..." type clue and I preferred to fill those X's first while the board is clear, so did another "Start Over", and the page went to something like "You can't select a page directly... I will redirect you to the Start page", or something. I didn't write it down and it quickly redirected me to the puzzle creation page, I believe. So, I had to retrieve that from the "Recent Games" as well.
The next two games, I tried to replicate that error by partially playing and doing "Start Over" several times, but couldn't get it to happen again.
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