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Default Alternate Game Board

A few users have said they are having visual issues with the new game board, including:

1. When using a browser zoom level other than 100%, some lines may disappear or go out of alignment.

2. Group lines aren't thick enough to visually indicate where one group ends and another begins.

3. Vertical labels aren't big enough to read easily, or have poor letter spacing.

We've developed an alternate game board that is should alleviate these issues, but it needs to be thoroughly tested before we can make it live. If you'd like to test it out, be sure to select the "Alternate Game Board" on the game initialization page (init2.php). This will take you to the same puzzle but will use the new, modified game board. (Note: you cannot access the modified game board via "Recent Games")

It should work and feel exactly like the default - the changes are only cosmetic.

Once you've tried out the new game board please use this thread to post feedback, or send it to us via email at

Thanks as always!

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