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I actually read this. You expanded the clue into a very simplified form and worked it out rather well. Since the negation of an XOR is a biconditional, I can't fault your logic. Thanks.

Here's how I worked it out from my list of things I get from the two clues:

1) Vestor is 714,000 or PLC120
5) 47-light-years is Vestor or 650,000
8) PLC120 is not 47-light-years

Substituting #1 into #5 I get:
47 is 714,000 or PLC120 or 650,000

Applying #8 eliminates PLC120:
47 is 714,000 or 650,000

Mine is simple in English, but yours is more of a proof of why mine works. Given my screw-up with the tautology approach, I'll take all the help I can get.
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