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Asia and Art have no days in common, so Asia cannot be Art.

From clue 1, Valentina is Tues or Woodshop, and Woodshop cannot be Monday, so Valentina cannot be Monday. And then it follows that Valentina cannot be Bugling.

The grid now shows Monday and Thursday are either Devon or Jaxson, so you can exclude Devon and Jaxson from all other days, putting x's in Devon-Tues, Devon-Wed, Devon-Fri, Jaxson-Tues, Jaxson-Wed, and Jaxson-Fri.

Then, looking to the right, you see that neither Devon nor Jaxson have any days in common with Geology, so neither of them can be Geology.

Then from clue 3, Home Economics is Devon or Orienteering. Both those exclude Tuesday and Friday, so Home Ec cannot be on Tuesday or Friday.

Home Ec now shares no days with, and so cannot be, Canoeing.

From clue 9, Jaxson is Thursday or Geology, and Geology excludes Monday, which means Jaxson cannot be Monday, leaving only Thursday for Jaxson.
Devon is Monday. Jaxson is Thursday.

Clue 3 now dictates that Devon is Home Ec and that Orienteering is Thursday.

Now from clue 9, we see that Art is Geology, and they must both be on Friday.

Now Dorian share no days with, so cannot be Canoeing, etc. I think the puzzle solution should follow without too much difficulty from there...

I'm doing this on my cell phone with no pad or paper so that's about as much as I can keep track of in my head. Good luck!

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