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Default Ladders, Just when I thought I was out.

Here's a beast that is filled with relational ladders:

I got this far, but no further:

Anyone see the next logical step?

I converted the ladders into inequalities to try and help, but I don't see it. Call the Columns A, B, C and the first row D. I use (+1) and (+2) to mean that the inequality is the same as saying C5 + 1 = C1. I use the inequality sign as a mental reminder of what I'm doing. I use 1 and 2 to indicate increments of position, rather than the actual value of years.

A2 < B4
C5 <(+1) C1
C5 <(+1) A3 (At this point, we know that A3 = C1)
B1 <(+1) B5
A4 <(+2) C4

Normally, I would pair up these inequalities to see if any of them form logical relationships. However, I get nothing through these pairings except that A3 = C1
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