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Continued ... (fear of no save button )

Working the pet/fan grid, Xing out cat for Thursday and Friday, and we are left with only Spiderman for cat, so another green dot and more Xs.

Back to #7, which can be rewritten as "Of the Spiderman fan and the Hellboy fan, one is Eli and the other arrived on Monday." Only Spiderman and Hellboy can be Monday, so an X for Batman on Monday. Eli has to be either the Spiderman or Hellboy fan, which means an X for Eli and Batman, which gives a green dot for Dennis and Batman fan. More Xs.

Batman is not Monday, so Dennis is not Monday, which gives a green dot for Kylee and Monday, and more Xs.

Back to #6 ... Kylee is not Wednesday, so Kylee owns the frog, which means the Batman fan is Wednesday.

Working the grid ... cat is Spiderman, frog is Monday, so frog is not Spiderman. That means Frog + Hellboy + Monday + Kylee, and Cat + Spiderman + Tuesday + Eli.

The rest is grid work.
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