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Wow - that's a great puzzle with all those open cells.

Clues of the type seen in 6 and 7 are usually a gold mine of Xs.

Here's yet another way of extracting those Xs from those two clues.

Use clue 6 and your grid to prove that Batman and Kylie cannot be Thursday or Friday.

At the intersection of Wednesday and frog, you see that frog cannot be Thursday or Friday. That implies that the right side of clue 6 can never be Thursday or Friday.

Therefore, the left side of clue 6 can never be Thursday or Friday.

That gives you some more Xs.

Now do the same process for clue 7. Let's look at the left side first.

At the intersection of cat and Hellboy, you can see that cat can never be Batman. That means that the left side of clue 7 can never be Batman, and therefore the right side cannot be Batman either. The Eli/Batman and Monday/Batman intersections get X'd out.

Now look at the right side of clue 7.

At the intersection of Eli and Monday, we can see that Monday cannot be Malachi, and Eli cannot be Friday. That implies that neither cat nor Hellboy can be Malachi or Friday. Put those Xs in.

Now go back and check all the clues again, and with the extra Xs that have just been placed re-process clues 6 and 7 again so see if you can get the four positives from those clues.

I think JulieC's method will solve the puzzle quicker because it leads to the green dot positive relations quicker. The method I described here is more mechanical, and with experience, you can place those extra Xs on the first pass through the clues.

Hope that helps!

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