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Default Advanced Tech: "Either-Or" clues PART FOUR

Either-Or Advanced Technique PART FOUR:

Continuing the many ways that Either-Or clues can be dissected (see HERE for more), I came upon this pair of clues:
1) Of Virginia and the diner who ordered the citrus chicken, one had the zinfandel and the other paid $25.99.
2) Of the diner who ordered the sea bass and Virginia, one had the shiraz and the other paid $27.99.

What struck me was the categories. Both could be stated as:
- Of Virginia and food, one is wine and the other price

Since wine and price were different in both clues, I knew I was looking a the limited values for Virginia:
1) Virginia is either zinfandel or shiraz
2) Virgina paid either $25.99 or $27.99

Very nice.


The food on the left side of each clue CAN NOT be either of the values on the right side of the other clue:
1) Citrus chicken is neither shiraz nor $27.99
2) Sea bass is neither zinfandel nor $25.99

Still not convinced of the power of these two clues? If you act now, we'll throw in these other clues for free! By using other "Either-Or" techniques, we also have these helping hands:
- Zinfandel is either $27.99 or citrus chicken
- $25.99 is either shiraz or citrus chicken
- Shiraz is either seabass or $25.99
- $27.99 is either seabass or zinfandel

I see plenty of views on these techniques, but little discussion. Is this helping, or am I just stating the obvious?
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