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I haven't found one that allows you to choose categories and sizes, yet. But a Google search does show results for "logic puzzle grid".

So far, I like this site the best. While the promise of selecting sizes has yet to materialize (see here), you can still hit "New Game" until you get a puzzle with a high or low success rate that meets your needs.

I have to say that the puzzle clues here are very well written. Here's a clue from another site:
Of the CEO (who is not Ms. Russo) and the profit margin specialist (who is not Rene, who is not the chairperson), one is Ms. Whitman and the other is associated with Lenamar Tech (who is not Ann).
This reminds us, here, of our typical "Of A and B..." type clue, however, the parenthetical phrases can be confusing. This clue would be better written as:
Of the CEO and the profit margin specialist, one is Ms. Whitman and the other is associated with Lenamar Tech.
The CEO is not Ms. Russo.
The profit margin specialist is not Rene.
Rene is not the chairperson.
That's how we would see these clues at this site.

What makes this site stand out is the quality of the logic in the grid, not the obfuscation in the clues. Other sites that I've tried try to confuse you with stacks of clauses and parenthetical phrases that have their own stacks of clauses.

Yes, this site could use a broader database of puzzle categories. Yes, this site could use a better puzzle selector. And I would LOVE to see a rating system based on the complexity of the puzzle, rather than speed alone. But I have yet to find another site with more clearly written clues combined with intricate logic in the grid.

You find a better one, let me know.
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