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Default This next approach does not work!!!

With the previous method of showing three clues overlapping in one category, it occurred to me to look for puzzles that have three clues overlapping in three categories. I found one. The approach I took DOES NOT WORK.

So why mention it? Because it occurred to me, and it might occur to someone else.

It takes the form of:
Time is either Name or Food or City

Name, Food, and City all overlap so that in the final solution, one of them will be Time. But how to break down the clue into something useful? You'll see my approach in the graphic here:

The puzzle is easily solved using other, more common, techniques. I wasn't stuck at this point, I was merely paused to look at the relationship of the three categories.

If someone else comes up with a solving technique so that "Time is either Name or Food or City", I'd love to hear it

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