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And here is yet another method using the two ordering clues with a substitution.

Lay out clues 1 and 5 with the substitution for capellini.

Yolanda -> capellini = Margie

mushroom -> Angie

Notice that Margie and Angie are in the same category, same side of the relation, and a fixed distance from the left side.

That means Yolanda cannot be mushroom. Wade must be mushroom.

Shriekingviolet has a more interesting approach, and it demonstrates how the one-sided "Of A and B, one is C and the other is D" clue can yield extra Xs beside the obvious one.

"A is either C or D" is very similar to its two-sided cousin. Just find out what C and D can never be, and apply those exclusions to A.

As SV points out, from the partial solution grid, $8.99 is either Angie or mushroom. From the grid, we see that the intersection of Angie and mushroom also has four Xs that can be applied to $8.99. One of these Xs is "$8.99 cannot be Margie."
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