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Yikes, this one is tricky. Hopefully this will make sense.

Clue 5 - Angie is $1 more than the mushroom sauce. So either $7.99=mushroom/$8.99=Angie -OR- $8.99=mushroom/$9.99=Angie. So either way, $8.99 must be Angie or whoever had the mushroom sauce (either Wade or Yolanda), so you can eliminate Margie from $8.99.

Therefore you can eliminate $8.99 from capellini

After that, go back to clue 1 and you can now eliminate $7.99 from Yolanda

So now, from clue 1 again, but substituting Margie for capellini: $8.99=Yolanda/$9.99=Margie or $9.99=Yolanda/$10.99=Margie. So $9.99 must be either Margie or Yolanda, which leaves Angie at $8.99
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