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Default I see the solution, but what's the logic?

Here's the blank:

And here's the bottleneck:

If you replace mushroom with Fusilli, clues 1 and 5 reduce to just two categories:
Yolanda plus $1 is Capellini
Fusilli plus $1 is Angie

Angie not Yolanda
Fusilli not Capellini
Angie not Capellini
Yolanda not Capellini

I worked it out that this cannot happen:
Angie is $9.99
Fusilli is $8.99
Leaving Yolanda to be either:
Yolanda is $7.99, but Capellini cannot be $8.99 (already taken)
Yolanda is $8.99, but Capellini cannot be $9.99 (Angie cannot be Capellini)

So, Angie must be $8.99, and she is, and everything falls into place.

BUT WHAT IS THE LOGIC beyond the bottleneck? I don't see it. How do I frame what's left into a logical statement?
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