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The ordering clues are pretty useful if you find yourself at that brick wall. This is the place where you start to doubt that each puzzle has a solution, and you doubt that the puzzle can be solved with pure logic instead of guessing and checking.

In this puzzle clues 5 and 7 can be expressed in the notation shown in the videos.

water -> root beer
water -> Chip

In both cases, the increment/distance is fixed at 45 cents or one row.

This means that root beer must be in the same row as Chip.

When you see several clues with fixed increments of the same value, and especially if you see a clue of that type where the categories on the left and right are the same (clue 5 in this puzzle), there is a good chance that a key exclusion or positive will be found.

The exclusions and positive relations can be obtained on the first pass through the clues unless a subsitution is needed.
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