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Now here is where it gets interesting.

The ordering clues, 3, 6, and 9 can be laid out like the Baron shows in the video. We already have a couple positive relations, so I will include those in the layout.

bordeaux -> beef stir-fry = Hannah -> sea bass = Joanna

shiraz -> Clara

Each of the arrows is the same distance.

First thing we notice from the layout that starts with bordeaux is these exclusions (Xs):

bordeaux cannot be beef stir-fry, Hannah, sea bass, or Joanna. The new Xs are shaded in yellow.


With the shiraz -> Clara layout way on the left, we see that shiraz and bordeaux categories line up in the two layouts, and the distance is the same.

Yippee - Clara cannot be Hannah or beef stir-fry. Duh - we already knew that.

Sliding the shiraz -> Clara layout to the right, we see that the Clara and Joanna categories line up, and the distance is the same. Should we be celebrating yet?

shiraz cannot be Hannah or beef stir-fry. The new Xs are shaded in yellow.


Now that's progress. We now know that shiraz must be sea bass, and because of all these fixed linkages, the rest of the puzzle is going to fall into place pretty quickly.

Spoiler - the next image is my shot at the solution.


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