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THAT DID IT! All solved. Thanks!

Man, I hate when I miss that one. The bottom left grid is the one I tend to overlook the most.

Not that it matter now, I'd like to figure out how I did that OssoBucco = Bordeaux thing, myself.

Edit: That equality comes late, but quite easily if you X the Clara/Shiraz relationship. If you can't solve it from that point, post your puzzle and I'll help you out.

Edit 2: I figured out how I came up with the OssoBucco = Bordeaux relationship in the absence of the Clara/Shiraz exclusion:
Clue 3: Sea Bass is not Bordeaux
Clue 8: Citrus Chicken not Bordeaux
Clues 1, 3, 6 combined: Bordeaux is not Beef Stir Fry
By this point you should have a complementary exclusion set between Clara/Price and Bordeaux/Price. This means that Clara cannot be Bordeaux.
Clue 4, Second Half: Neither Clara Nor Port can be Bordeaux, thus, Neither Red Snapper nor $25.99 can be Bordeaux
And there you go, Osso Bucco = Bordeaux

If you don't see the complementary exclusion set I mentioned, then I had something else going that you didn't see.

Doesn't matter anyway, you saved the puzzle by pointing out my error. Thanks again!

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