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Default Thursday's Broken Ladder

Here's one that's kicking my butt. First, the blank, if you don't want to read some of the spoilers below:


Now to my bottleneck:


I've managed to get three steps of the ladder in one box. In the upper right box, I know that the Sea Bass is a dollar more than the Beef Stir Fry and two dollars more than the Osso Bucco. Because of this two dollar stagger, one of the two dishes must be $26.99. This was my last big reveal. Since then, nothing.

I cannot seem to find my way past this part. I've backed the ladder around to see if I can place more than one run of the price ladder in any of the other boxes on the top row (name or wine), but I cannot.

Any clues?

Here's my notes on the price ladders:
Joanna/SeaBass >(by $1) Hanna/BeefStirFry
Joanna/Seabass >(by $2) OssoBucco/Bordeaux
Clara >(by $1) Shiraz

Joanna and Clara are both greater than something by $1. Thus, the things they are greater than, BeefStirFry and Shiraz, cannot be equal. Since Hanna is BeefStirFry, she cannot have Shiraz.

I've tried crowding the price ladders into the upper left box, Price/Name, but I cannot get them to force any single conclusion, either positive or negative.
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