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Originally Posted by BillsBayou View Post

Ax + c = Jm
Ay + c = Kn
Jm <> Kn
This one was relatively straightforward: 2 clues with fixed length, same size inequalities, and, when ordered such that the lesser entity in each clue is on the left, one side of the inequality pair has elements in the same category.

There are tougher situations where a substitution of an existing positive relation has to be made before getting the situation above.

There are others involving more than two ordering/precedence clues, and it is helpful to use the technique shown by the Puzzle Baron in the video. This is the spot in the video where he shows how he uses the notes tab to keep track of the entity ordering.

Often, I find that the puzzles with the longest average solve times are the ones that are cracked with a combination of these ordering clues and other known facts. These are the puzzles that make us doubt that each puzzle can be solved with pure logic.
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